Pig Latin Translator
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English to Pig Latin Translator

Translate English into Pig Latin. And Piglatin into English.

Why is it called Pig Latin?

If you are wondering what Pig Latin is, you can read the wikipedia article on Pig Latin. Otherwise I'll briefly explain here. Pig Latin as called Dog Latin or Hog latin is not a real language, you can call it a language game. A language game is usually applied on existing language by re-arranging letters/words or adding extra words/letters.It a fun and interesting way of speaking. There many different forms of pig latin in different origins of world. Checkout our blog section for more in-depth information.

Translate English into Pig Latin

If you don't want to translate manually, you can use our Pig Latin Translator to convert your English text into PigLatin. It will automatically translate your English paragraph into piglatin and save you a lot of time.

For example:
Help in pig latin is "elphay"
Yes in pig latin is "esyay"
Thank You in pig latin is "ankthay ouyay"
For more interesting words checkout our Pig Latin Dictionary

Pig Latin Rules

These are two simple PigLatin Rules for Pig Latin Translation:

  1. Words that start with a vowel, just append ' yay ' at the end. For Example orange becomes orangeyay.
  2. If a word begins with a consonant, take all consonants before the first vowel and put those at the end of the word. then add ' ay ' at the end. For example, which becomes ichwhay.

Why use our English to Pig Latin Translator?

There are many reasons why you might want to use our tool. Here are some of them:

Simple Interface

This PigLatin Translator has a simple and user-friendly interface. Whether you are a newbie or an expert translator, you can use it easily.

Fast Translation

With just one click you can translate your whole sentence into piglatin language. Enter your word or phrase in above text box and hit 'Translate'. Major functionalities are built in javascript, so there no extra reloads.

Educational Value

This language converter also has an educational value. You can learn a fun language with it, by reading pig latin rules you can translate pig latin yourself.


This PigLatin Translator is fully mobile optimized, you can use it anywhere on any device whether its Andriod or Iphone.

Extra (Developer, source code, rating, need help)

This tool is developed by talented team of developers at Devaxe. Source code is not provide on any public platform yet. If you need any help or have feedback feel to reach out to us from contact page.

Try our Name Generator to convert you English names into Pig Latin.