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Pig Latin is a form of language play that involves altering the words of English by moving the initial consonant or adding a vocalic syllable (typically "ay") after each consonant cluster. For example, "hello" becomes "ellohay" and "pig" becomes "igpay". If a word begins with a vowel, the word is left unchanged and an "ay" is added to the end. For example, "apple" becomes "appleay" and "egg" becomes "eggay".

English Pig Latin
Yes esyay
No onay
Help elphay
Thank you ankthay ouyay
Hello ellohay
Hi ihay
Goodbye oodbyegay
Please easeplay
Excuse me excuseyay emay
Sorry orrysay
Okay okayyay
Sure uresay
Maybe aybeM
Really eallyray
Well ellway
Now ownay
But utbay
And andyay
Because ecausebay
What atwhay
Who owhay
When enwhay
Where erewhay
Why whyay
How owhay
Which ichwhay
About aboutyay
Also alsoyay
Even evenyay
Only onlyyay
More oremay
Most ostmay
Many anymay
Something omethingsay
Everything everythingyay

These are most commonly used English Conversational Words converted to PigLatin. You can remember these words and impress your friends. If you want to translate your own words to PigLatin try our free English to Pig latin translator, or if you received a PigLatin message and want to change it to Enlish Try our Pig Latin to English Translator.