Pig Latin Translator
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Is Pig Latin a real language?

Pig Latin is not a formal or real language, you can call it language game. Pig Latin is created by altering standard English word. It includes rearranging letter and adding 'yay' and 'ay' suffix to it. You can not use this language for legal or serious conversions. You can use it to send secret messages to friend or simply use to impress your friends.

How to translate English to Pig Latin:

For translation you can use any online English to Pig Latin Translator, that will save you much time and efforts. You can also tranlsate manually by altering words. Follow these steps for translation.

Decode PigLatin text

If you received a message in pig latin language and want to decode it. you can do it with our Pig Latin to English Translator

PigLatin Examples

These are few most common Pig Latin phrases or words:

I Love You

iyay ovelay ouyay

How are you

owhay areyay ouyay