Pig Latin Translator
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Pig Latin to English Translator

Translate Pig Latin back to English.

Pig Latin to English Translator

If you are looking to convert your piglatin back to english this tool will help you. If someone sent you a secret or funny pig latin message and you want to translate it into plain english this free online tool will help you in this situation. Checkout our blog section for more in-depth information.

How Does it Work?

Usually Pig Latin language is created by changing vowels and consonants of a text in different ways by adding 'ay' and 'yay' at the end of each word. It also rearrange letters to make it more fun, so this tool will revert the changes from pig latin and change it back to orignal text. This transformation can be applied to individual words or a complete sentence.

For example "ellohay orldway" will be changed to "hello world"

How to Use it?

We made this translator clean, simple and faster. You can use it without any guide. You just need to write or paste your PigLatin text in the top left box and it will automatically transform it to english.

Why use our Translator?

There are many reasons why you might want to use our tool. Here are some of them:

Simple Interface

It has a clean and user-friendly interface. Whether you're a newbie or a experienced translator, you'll find it easy to navigate. No need for extra skill or knowledge, we made it for everyone.

Fast Translation

Fastest tool ever, You don't need to perform any extra action just write or paste yous text in the above left box and it'll automatically transform it English.

Educational Value

It also helps your to learn a new fun language, You can also learn PigLatin and show it to your friends.

Two Way Process

You can translate your text to english with this tool but if you want it the other way, we also have a tool to convert English to Pig Latin


You can use this translator on any mobile device. It is fully optimized for mobile, use it anywhere anytime.